The Blackall Historical Woolscour will be open for large group tours from March 13th, 2023 to 31st October 2023. To avoid missing out, online bookings are essential.

On our hour-long tour, one of our friendly local tour guides will wander with you back in time through the Blackall Historical Woolscour to share the yarns and tales about the great Aussie Battlers who built the backbone of the Australian Wool Industry.

Marvel at the bush ingenuity and engineering excellence, are some of the only kinds still operating in the world.

See, smell, and touch the historic machinery and lanolin soaked exhibits of a bygone era and gain a deeper understanding and pride in where our nation has come from.

Our tours can accommodate up to 80 participants, so if you are with a tour bus or tagalong group, you can all see this wonderful piece of history.


9:30am, 11.30am

Children (School Age)$15
Children 5 & UnderFREE
Family (2 x Adults 2xChildren)$60
Maximum number in a group – 80 people. Ideal for buses, tagalong etc.


  • Toilets on site
  • Wide open spaces to throw down a picnic rug
  • Kids to run around and play under parental supervision
Blackall Woolscour Tours reviews


In wrapping up, the Blackall Woolscour Tours offer an unparalleled journey into Australia’s rich wool heritage. It’s not just a tour; it’s an experience that immerses visitors in the stories, sights, and scents of a pivotal era in the nation’s history. Whether you’re a history buff, a curious traveller, or someone looking to understand the roots of the Australian Wool Industry, a visit to the Blackall Historical Woolscour is a must. Don’t miss out on this authentic and enlightening adventure.