If you have already visited the Blackall Historical Woolscour before, chances are you’ve got to have a yarn with one of our Tour Guides Bob Wilson, better known around the ridges as ‘Willow’ – he is just as much a resident here at the Scour as ‘Fluffy Nuts’ the goat….

Willow is your salt-of-the-earth bush bloke, a man of many talents, artist, leather craftsman, not to mention a wealth of good old fashioned local and industry knowledge.

Another hidden talent is Willow can paint a detailed bush landscape on a Cigarette Paper. The skill came about in his ringer days when he was caught in a big wet with no paper to draw on, after exhausting all supplies including old jam tin labels, he began to draw and paint on cigarette papers.

A Tour Guide at the Woolscour for over 17 years now, Willow helps to weave the stories, characters and history of this outstanding establishment into the tours he takes our visitors on….

A wool presser by trade, for most of his life Willow has been a part of the Sheep and Wool Industry of Australia working in many sheds. Acknowledging just how hard of a job Wool Pressing was back in the days before hydraulic pressers, Willow likened it to ‘playing football all day long’. You had to be super fit like the shearers on the stand. It was a proven fact that many old pressers died from strained hearts from years of hard yakka & toil.

A life-long spent amongst some of the greatest drovers, shearers and stockmen, Willow has acquired the skill of transferring some of the relics and knowledge of our heritage through his storytelling – becoming a living link to a bygone era.

In his later years of retirement, storytelling has become Willow’s passion and he hopes that through his tours and yarns to all that visit the Blackall Historical Woolscour he can pass on the baton of Blackall’s Golden Age of Wool Era.