Opera at the Blackall Historical Woolscour


On Wednesday evening, May 24th, we were treated to a fantastic show “Lady Sings the Maroons” presented by Queensland Opera at the Blackall Historical Woolscour. The clear, slightly chilly evening set against the picturesque scour backdrop provided the perfect ambiance for some stunning renditions of classics from many periods and genres.

The amazing harmonies, the fully live backing music, and amazing quality of the sound and the mix came together in the most pleasant assault on the senses that we have had for a long time.

Among the great music were stories of culture from perspectives including indigenous and pioneering making this show both entertaining and informative.

Although numbers were down from last year’s event, the crowd thoroughly enjoyed this year’s performance with a more recognisable and broader-based song list and an overall more contemporary feel. All of the music performed had a link to Queensland, hence the name of the show “Lady Sings the Maroon” Artists like Sound Garden and Powderfinger were included in the mix. We look forward to what Queensland Opera may bring our way next year and will hope to provide a sellout crowd on the back of this year’s performance. Oh, what a night!

Volunteers from the Blackall Historical Woolscour prepared several options for dinner including dessert which made life easy for those attending after work. The event was BYO which was also well received by the audience. Congratulations to all involved in making this event happen.

The Blackall Historical Woolscour is a community-owned asset and is available for both community and private functions. To find out more visit the events page.

Also, keep an eye on the events page for details of upcoming shows and for next year’s Opera at the Blackall Historical Woolscour. 

To see if this show is visiting a town near you, log on to the Queensland Opera website and follow the links.