School excursion at the Woolscour


Blackall offers many great interactive and educational experiences for students of all ages including a school excursion at the Woolscour. The tour of the Woolscour forms part of the potential learning experience, supported by many static displays from the period. The tour guide(s) add value and ‘buy in’ to the experience with many stories and facts relating to the lifestyle of the period and the characters and events that became integral to the area and to the wool industry.

Recently a number of year 6 students from Our Lady of the Southern Cross school participated in a school excursion at the Woolscour as part of a two-day tour to Blackall. The students were treated to some great insights into life in the outback in years gone by from Stewart, one of Blackall’s great characters and story tellers. Stuart Conducts tours of one of the other great historical assets in Blackall, Ram Park. For more information on Stuart or Ram Park click here.

From there the group headed off on the tour of the Blackall Historical Woolscour with a group of tour guides headed up by Scott. They were able to see the scouring machinery working away the same as in would have over a hundred years ago. The guides walked the students through the whole process from the 20 person shearing boards, through the wool classing area and finally to the wool scouring machinery.

After a pretty full day of new experiences, the students were treated to a barbeque dinner and some bush poetry. By all accounts the school excursion at the Woolscour was a great success and I am sure the students will remember the experience for some time to come.

If your school is interested in including conducting a school excursion at the Woolscour, simple contact us by following the link to the contact us page of our webiste.